With Anthony Shaw

Are You Putting Yourself Last?

Welcome to the leader lifestyle podcast where I believe men need to get out of the rut of working non-stop and putting themselves last.


Whether you’re in higher management, a corporate exec or a small business owner it’s time you start improving your health, relationships and mindset — and I interview the best minds in the world so you can do exactly that! 


You will learn their philosophy, daily routines and get some real practical advice so you can reach peak physical health, defy ageing, and live a life you LOVE..


This is The Leader Lifestyle.

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The Story Behind The Leader Lifestyle

I started out as an entrepreneur with my own gym business in 2010. Problem was, running a business completely changed my habits. 

I was so busy I ended up not exercising and eating junk food. I worked from 4:30am until 9pm. I thought that’s what it took to grow a business but I ended up damaging my health instead.

On this podcast I share how I fixed my work/life balance, improved my relationships, fixed my health and strengthened my mindset….and how you can do the same. Live The Leader Lifestyle

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