#1 – Paying the Price of Work With Your Health


This is the LAUNCH EPISODE where we introduce ourselves, our mission, our why, and how you can benefit from the lessons contained in this show. 

Our bios are on the ABOUT page on our website, so check the full story there – but in short:

  • Paul is a behavioural expert who helps leader’s stop addictive behaviours and habits, and secondly implement new ones, putting them into a peak state, both in their professional and personal lives.
  • Anthony is a physiological expert who helps leader’s optimise their lifestyle, reach peak physical health and make sure they live a long, healthy life whilst crushing their business goals.

In this episode you will learn: 

  • Why applying lessons from sports science into corporates is vital for company performance – and how we do this 
  • Why fitness is often mistaken for wellbeing, and how this f*cks up companies
  • The 5 key aspects of our approach to executive wellbeing
  • Our personal business journeys, running gyms, coaching nightmare clients and more! 

Plus a few sweary rants about bad approaches to corporate wellness! Sorry not sorry for the f bombs.


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