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#14 – The Monsters in Your Mind. HAZEL GALE

My guest today is Hazel Gale, who has been a World Champion kickboxer, is a cognitive hypnotherapist and author of The Mind Monster Solution – How to overcome self-sabotage and reclaim your life

In this episode you’ll discover how she overcame her personal struggles with chronic fatigue and mental health.

The Mind Monster Solution is one of my favourite books and continues to have a massive impact on how I deal with self-sabotage (procrastination, fear of wasting time and fear of what other people will think of my decisions being my ‘big 3’) 

The book is incredible because you learn to visualise and work with your fears (your mind monster).

This is simply a quality chat with a very clever woman. 

In the podcast we talk about:

  1. How Hazel got into kickboxing
  2. Visualisation techniques Hazel used to become world champion
  3. What caused her to experience chronic fatigue 
  4. Women in sport and some interesting stories about her journey
  5. Hazel’s role playing fantasy game (Betwixt) that’s designed to improve aspects of mental health
  6. How to embrace your mind monster and stop fighting your inner self 
  7. How what you say (self talk and to others) can be used to live a more authentic life

Listen to the episode and enjoy!  





Betwixt Game 

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