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#16 – A New Generation of Food Growers

My guest today is Dan Iles, he’s a senior communications manager at the Soil Association. He works with the farming team to inspire and equip farmers in the UK towards agroecological farming techniques. Dan is a huge advocate for market gardening (small scale garden farms supplying local people/restaurants), he’s a great chef and has some really interesting insights. We talk about:

  • The food supply chain
  • How we can improve urban farming
  • What you can do to improve your diet’s impact on your local community

Side note: Dan and I have been friends since secondary school (big up the King Henry VIII massive in Aber G!) and yet I don’t think I properly realised what Dan did for his career and how bloody interesting this chat was. Please enjoy my chat with Mr Dan Iles!

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  • 8 steps to a pain free back
  • walden

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