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#9 – Life is Going to Be More Flexible. GARETH NOCK.

My guest today is Gareth Nock.

Gareth is a true expert in the fitness industry with over 20 years of  coaching experience

He’s currently an online fitness coach and we go into his thoughts and lessons on personal growth, health and leadership.

Gareth hosts the We As Podcast which has the mission of changing the world one conversation at a time.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Set boundaries so people know your identity and protect your creative energy
  • Create positive culture through teams, that will push people in gyms and fitness training, but also in the workplace
  • Show people they can do more than they thought they could do – then they’ll be pulled along by that culture
  • Envy is a Superpower….so gain awareness of your envy and use it!
  • Life is going to be more flexible, and that’s the future

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Books Mentioned:

Hold on to Your NUTS – Wayne Levine 

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